13. 05. 2015

A bottle of water with two glasses and a pot plant

I don’t often sit in waiting rooms because there are plenty of things I would rather be doing. But having said that, it was good to be able to take a moment while...

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19. 04. 2015

Buddha’s Birthday & Multicultural Festival 2015

Buddha’s Birthday and Multicultural Festival was organised by Buddha’s Light International Association of WA and the Fo Guang Shan Temple of WA.  I’ve had the privilege of spending some time in town today and I...

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17. 04. 2015

Sketching in Kimmswick

Sketching at sub-zero is definitely a challenge, but sketching in Kimmswick, Missouri is definitely a treat.  Nothing like a bit of Christmas sketching the other side of the world with my talented cousin.

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28. 03. 2015

Breakfast sketch at my local

Breakfast is normally a sedate affair, as we usually drag ourselves into a cafe after the excesses of the previous night (maybe).  We love a good cafe, and I love a challenge of...

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24. 03. 2015

NYC Times Square

 It felt like NYC that day was wet and all the colours in Times Square seemed to melt into each other. I hope that this captured the feeling of the day. Although it was...

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23. 03. 2015

Walking around in NYC

This post is slightly overdue but I’ve been trying to catch up with my day job since coming back from holidays.  It has been such a whirlwind trip that I almost forgot about...

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