13. 07. 2014

A very indulgent French breakfast

There was a quaint cafe which opened up down the street from us. Since we drive past it everyday, it would have been remiss of us not to have tried it out eventually....

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12. 07. 2014

A pot of lavender tea

Settling back into our post-mini-break life with a cup of lavender tea from the teapot that Nan got me. Thanks, Nan! I thought I’d test out the transparency of some of my new...

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07. 07. 2014

Heading home

Alas,  all good things must come to an end…  Our quick getaway has come to a close and we are headed back to rainy Perth. None more so evident than taking 6hours to...

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06. 07. 2014

Drawing the starfish I saw yesterday

The blue starfish was one of the many things I saw while walking the beach yesterday. A day trip is never enough in the sun and sand. Now to finish drawing…! Here is...

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03. 07. 2014

Where am I heading off to, I wonder?

Don’t worry, I’ll be back soon!   Posted from WordPress for Android  

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29. 06. 2014

60th birthday cake

Oh hello peeps, it’s been awhile between tricks. Life has been throwing up all kinds of fruits lately, and when you have that many fruits you make a salad!  Okay, this post is...

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22. 03. 2014

40th birthday cake

I could not let the opportunity pass for a significant (number) birthday cake for my friend. What do you think?

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11. 01. 2014

Chinese sponge cake

It’s not exactly easy trying to replicate this and I’m quite proud of my first attempt. I’m still trying to eat through it, and so while I am turning a blind eye over...

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01. 09. 2013

Diamond anniversary cake

They say the 60th anniversary is celebrated by diamonds, and this cake lives up to the bling.  I’m super proud of the golden bells being tolled by a cute little door mouse.

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23. 08. 2013

Bows and Bling

Who doesn’t want a cake with a bit of bling?

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14. 08. 2013

Flora the Woodland Fairy

She’s definitely one of my most satisfying creations to date.  Standing at 14 cm (5.5 inches) tall, she’s quite delicate and I’ve had a few heart stopping moments when I thought she would...

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11. 08. 2013

Decorated Peacock Cake

I had the pleasure of attending a course earlier this year (whoops – forgot to post this up), which taught me a new technique of cake decorating which i was more familiar with...

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03. 08. 2013

Nancy the Witch

This gorgeous cake topper is called Nancy the Witch, and is perfect just in time for decorating the top of Halloween cakes.  I’m actually quite proud to be able to create something as...

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23. 06. 2013

More roses

I just loved making these. Whilst they were quite fiddly and I had to wait for the “petals” to dry and harden up, I was really pleased with the results. So pleased, in...

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10. 06. 2013

Macarons galore

Haha … oh whoops. Might have gone slightly overboard with some macaronage.  Ah well, can never have too much of a good thing! Happy weekend everyone!

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