19. 04. 2015

Buddha’s Birthday & Multicultural Festival 2015

Buddha’s Birthday and Multicultural Festival was organised by Buddha’s Light International Association of WA and the Fo Guang Shan Temple of WA.  I’ve had the privilege of spending some time in town today and I...

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17. 04. 2015

Sketching in Kimmswick

Sketching at sub-zero is definitely a challenge, but sketching in Kimmswick, Missouri is definitely a treat.  Nothing like a bit of Christmas sketching the other side of the world with my talented cousin.

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28. 03. 2015

Breakfast sketch at my local

Breakfast is normally a sedate affair, as we usually drag ourselves into a cafe after the excesses of the previous night (maybe).  We love a good cafe, and I love a challenge of...

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24. 03. 2015

NYC Times Square

 It felt like NYC that day was wet and all the colours in Times Square seemed to melt into each other. I hope that this captured the feeling of the day. Although it was...

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23. 03. 2015

Walking around in NYC

This post is slightly overdue but I’ve been trying to catch up with my day job since coming back from holidays.  It has been such a whirlwind trip that I almost forgot about...

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29. 12. 2014

Cold day

Freezing in 0 degrees Celcius. Missouri, USA  

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29. 12. 2014

House on a hill

    Plein air watercolour in 0 degrees Celcius. That’s a first!    

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15. 11. 2014

Morning light

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08. 11. 2014

Saturday zucchini progress

This morning, I ventured outside to check on the progress of my zucchini plants. In the past, I have never been able to grow it before (a) the snails either decimated my collection or...

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25. 10. 2014

The sleeping dog

What’s happening? Oh, plenty going ons with work and the like.  I can’t remember if I had previously shared this.  An afternoon on the couch (rarity!) My trusty side-kick has decided to keep me company...

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05. 09. 2014

Teddy in lincoln green

This cute little teddy bear is dressed in lincoln green.  Almost looking as if he could have stepped from the cast of Robin Hood (the Disney version), this cute little painting in watercolour will...

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10. 08. 2014

La maison de Duperouzel

The ancestral house of Amiable Duperouzel is located in York which is about 1.5 hours drive east of Perth (unless I am driving so it will be likely to be somewhere closer to 2 hours). As...

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27. 07. 2014

3pm feeding time

There is nothing better than spending winter somewhere (near) tropical and having a chance to wade into water. That in, unless you have a chance to see fish coming in to feed from...

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26. 07. 2014

Amethyst pendant


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16. 07. 2014

Geese measuring cups

I have been fortunate to find these 4 vintage geese measuring cups sometime ago.  I have been using these interchangeably with my measuring cups from Disneyland. I do so love my baking tools...

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