29. 06. 2014

60th birthday cake

Oh hello peeps, it’s been awhile between tricks. Life has been throwing up all kinds of fruits lately, and when you have that many fruits you make a salad!  Okay, this post is...

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22. 03. 2014

40th birthday cake

I could not let the opportunity pass for a significant (number) birthday cake for my friend. What do you think?

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11. 01. 2014

Chinese sponge cake

It’s not exactly easy trying to replicate this and I’m quite proud of my first attempt. I’m still trying to eat through it, and so while I am turning a blind eye over...

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01. 09. 2013

Diamond anniversary cake

They say the 60th anniversary is celebrated by diamonds, and this cake lives up to the bling.  I’m super proud of the golden bells being tolled by a cute little door mouse.

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23. 08. 2013

Bows and Bling

Who doesn’t want a cake with a bit of bling?

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22. 04. 2013

Decorative ornamental balls

I know that it is a fair way off Christmas, but I just could not resist the challenge to make something a little bit different for one of my girlfriends for her birthday....

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01. 04. 2013

Happy Easter!

I would like to wish you and your loved ones a very Happy Easter, and that you all spent some wonderful family time together. Whilst the inside of the cake is not actually...

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22. 02. 2013

1UP Super Mario Bros mushroom cake

My cute little nephew turned 1 and I could not resist making a cake for him which challenged me in this Perth heat.  I had been planning this particular theme for a good...

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29. 12. 2012

Icy wonderland

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone out there. I have been sporadically posting during the course of the year. This year, I hope to do more posting here and also posting...

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18. 08. 2012

Teddy bears

A decorated cake with teddy bears .. hmm, how on earth was I going to incorporate that into something that is workable and a challenge? Unfortunately, a reasonably busy week saw that I...

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28. 07. 2012

A pre-Olympic warm up

It is no doubt quite happenin’ in London at the moment for the Olympic games, and there is nothing better than a quick (thrown together) Olympic cake for morning tea.  Hot off the...

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01. 07. 2012

A very tall mudcake!

The smell of high couveture chocolate is wafting through the house.   I wanted to suprise Hubby with this uber tall chocolate cake I recently had the pleasure of decorating.  This is going...

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12. 05. 2012

Fruitcake and royal icing

Doused in copious cups of brandy, this fruit cake turned out quite well.  I’m not normally a fruit cakey sort of a person, so the challenge to do a fruitcake is too good...

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29. 04. 2012

Candy cane autumn flowers

Until my mother mentioned it to me recently, I did not realise that I have never baked her a cake. Granted, I only started baking in the last 4 months and her birthday...

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17. 04. 2012

White roses and arum lillies

Whilst I did not say it in so many words – those of you who know us personally will know that we recently lost a member of our family over Easter.  I hadn’t...

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