27. 07. 2014

3pm feeding time

There is nothing better than spending winter somewhere (near) tropical and having a chance to wade into water. That in, unless you have a chance to see fish coming in to feed from...

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26. 07. 2014

Amethyst pendant


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16. 07. 2014

Geese measuring cups

I have been fortunate to find these 4 vintage geese measuring cups sometime ago.  I have been using these interchangeably with my measuring cups from Disneyland. I do so love my baking tools...

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14. 07. 2014

My left foot

There is always an inspiration somewhere to draw, and today I tried to do a bit of study. I couldn’t be arsed. So what did I do instead? I drew my left foot...

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13. 07. 2014

A very indulgent French breakfast

There was a quaint cafe which opened up down the street from us. Since we drive past it everyday, it would have been remiss of us not to have tried it out eventually....

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12. 07. 2014

A pot of lavender tea

Settling back into our post-mini-break life with a cup of lavender tea from the teapot that Nan got me. Thanks, Nan! I thought I’d test out the transparency of some of my new...

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